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1st Five

Iowa's 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative builds partnerships between physician practices and public service providers to enhance high quality well-child care. 1st Five promotes the use of developmental tools that support healthy mental development for young children during the first five years.

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Child and Adolescent Health

The Child Health program provides presumptive eligibility services for children who may appear to be eligible for Medicaid or hawk-i, and informing services for children who are newly Medicaid enrolled. They provide care coordination services to help families access regular health care check-ups for their children through medical and dental homes. They also link families to other community-based services based upon need. The Child Health program strives to assure that children receive periodic comprehensive health screening services that include the following:

  • health history

  • physical exam

  • vision and hearing screening

  • dental screening and education

  • immunizations

  • developmental/behavioral screening

  • nutrition assessment and education

  • laboratory tests including blood lead testing

  • anticipatory guidance

Adolescence is a crucial period with marked physical, emotional, and intellectual changes, as well as changes in social roles, relationships and expectations. All of these are important for the development of the individual and provide the foundation for adulthood. Establishing healthy behavior is a vital part of this foundation.


Adolescents are not just teenagers. Adolescents and young adults include 10-24 year olds in three developmental stages: early adolescence (10-14 years of age); middle adolescence (15-17 years of age); later adolescence and young adulthood (18-24 years of age).

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Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa

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to apply online

Follow the link above for information OR for your local contact call (641) 202-7114

More questions?


Call Hawki customer service


Does my child qualify?

Some of the eligibility requirements:

  • A resident of state of Iowa​

  • Under 19 years of age​

  • Have no other health insurance​

  • A citizen of the United States or a qualified alien​

  • Meet the income guidelines:

     Click here for Hawki income guidelines

  • Not a dependent of State of Iowa employee​

  • Not currently covered under the Medicaid program

What does Hawki cover?

  • A doctor's visit

  • Dental care

  • Emergencies

  • Visual exams

  • Vaccines/shots

  • Well child care

  • Prescriptions

  • Hearing services

  • Mental health & substance abuse care​

  • Speech therapy​

What does Hawki cost?

Look at the income charts on the Hawki website link to the left to see if you qualify. Depending on your income the cost is free or $10 - $20 per month per child. No family will pay more than $40 per month - no matter how many children are in the family.

How long can my children get Hawki?

There is no time limit as long as they are eligible. When your application is approved, your children will be enrolled for 12 months. If you child turns 19 or is no longer eligible for another reason, Hawki will end before the 12 months are up. NOTE: Hawki coverage must be renewed every year.  You will get a renewal form before the 12 months are up. Make sure to send the renewal form back to see if Hawki can continue.

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If your location is not in our covered counties, please contact Angela Pettit to find out who covers your area, or

 click here to go to the state I-Smile website


Angela Pettit

l (641) 202-7114

Need help finding dental care?

A "dental home" provides:

  • Acute care and preventative services

  • Assessment of oral disease

  • Guidance about growth and development​

  • Information about proper oral health care

  • Dietary counseling

  • Referrals to dental specialists

MATURA employs a Registered Dental Hygienist as our Oral Health Coordinator. 

I-Smile services include:

  • Dental screening

  • Oral hygiene education

  • Dental sealants

  • Dental cleaning

  • Fluoride varnish

  • Care coordination to help ensure dental access

  • Presumptive care for low income families who may qualify for Medicaid or Hawki

  • Partnership with local medical and dental providers

Maternal Health Program


Our Maternal Health Program has answers.

The Maternal Health Program provides education for pregnant women.

Do you have questions about your pregnancy?

Do you need links regarding other services?

Do you want help finding a doctor?

Are you nervous about caring for a newborn?

What services are provided?

  • Health education​

  • Support services​

  • Nutritional counseling​

  • Dental cleanings

  • Newborn care knowledge​

  • Home visit after delivery

How much does this program cost?

Nothing!  It is 100% FREE!

Where will I go for my appointments?


That depends on where you live.  We have clinics in the counties listed below:​

  • Adair

  • Adams

  • Union

How do I make an appointment?

​You can contact Astra Jennings, RN - (641) 202-7114. If there is no answer, leave a message with your name and phone number. Or you can send an email to ajennings@maturaia.org .

Moms Helping Moms (Meet your WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor)

As a new mother, you may have heard many things about how to feed your baby. You may know breastfeeding is the best way to give your baby a healthy new start in life, and wonder how to fit it into your life. Mothers everywhere have found that breastfeeding CAN work. Your WIC peer counselor can help!​​

WIC Breast Feeding Peer Counselor Program

Who is your WIC peer counselor?


A peer counselor is a WIC mother just like you. She lives in your community and has breastfed her own baby. She has carefully been selected by WIC to help give new mothers information about feeding their babies. She is here to give you support to meet your own goals for feeding your baby.

How can a peer counselor help you?

Your WIC peer counselor can give you:

  • Tips for how to breastfeed comfortably and discreetly even in public;

  • Ways you can stay close to your baby through breastfeeding after you return to work or school;

  • Ideas for getting support from your family and friends;

  • Ways to get a good start with breastfeeding;

  • Secrets for making plenty of breast milk for your baby; and

  • Help with breastfeeding concerns.

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What does a peer counselor do?

  • Listens to you.

  • Contacts you during your pregnancy to answer your infant feeding questions and helps you prepare for having a new baby.

  • Answers any questions or concerns you might have after your baby is born.

  • Shows you how to get more help from other healthcare professionals, if needed.

What else will my peer counselor do?

Peer counselors are there to give you information and support through your breastfeeding experience. Food and beverages provided. We do baby weigh in, play games and prizes are given away.

If you are interested in signing up with a WIC breast feeding peer counselor email or call us at 641-202-7114.

Peer counselors can be contacted by call or text:

       Desiree        641-344-7293

       Danielle       641-344-2919

       Samantha    641-344-3994

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Family Time

Who is WIC for?

  • Children up to 5 years of age

  • Infants

  • Pregnant women

  • Breastfeeding women who have had a baby in the last

     12 months

  • Women who have had a baby in last 6 months​

What does WIC provide?

  • Healthy foods

  • Health care referrals

  • Breastfeeding support​

  • Research based nutrition education

  • Healthy or nutrition tips for you and your child

Am I eligible for WIC?

To be eligible, you or your child must:

  • Live in Iowa

  • Live in a household with income at or below WIC guidelines​ or 

  • Automatically qualify if on Medicaid

MATURA WIC program provides services in the listed counties:

  • Adair

  • Adams

  • Clarke

  • Decatur

  • Lucas

  • Madison

  • Page

  • Ringgold

  • Taylor

  • Union

To set up an appointment or for more information about WIC, please call 641-202-7114.