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Employment Opportunities

To download, fill and/or print MATURA’s application packet, click on each .pdf below:

Click here to download Employment Application.

Click here to download Pre-Employment Screening Release.

Click here to download Applicant Confidential Information.

MATURA Action Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MATURA Weatherization Auditor/Inspector 

MATURA Action Corporation has a job opening for Weatherization Energy Auditor/ Inspector located in Creston. Full-time, 36-40 hours a week position. Prefer applicant to have one year of industry inspector specific experience or other industry specific experience such as an Energy Auditor. Job duties include evaluating work areas to determine type of work required, performing diagnostic testing on all combustion appliances, calculating air infiltration and exfiltration to meet required state standards, directing contractors in projects and assisting them in solving work problems, studying production schedules and estimating worker hour requirements for completion of job assignments. Must have valid Iowa driver’s license. Cover letter and resume should be directed to Danna Buls at MATURA, 207B N. Elm Street, Creston, IA 50801. Position opened until filled.  For more information, call Danna Buls  (641) 782-8431.  E.O.E.



MATURA Madison County Outreach Center Director 

 MATURA Action Corporation has a full time opening for MATURA Madison County Outreach Center Director. Job requirements include responsibility for multiple programs in Madison County and administration of community outreach center including thrift store and food pantry. Ability to communicate with all ages, maintain confidentiality of those seeking assistance, some travel, organizational skills and computer experience are required.  Letters of interest along with the application documents shown above should be directed to Katie Christensen, MATURA Action Corporation, 207B N Elm, Creston, IA 50801.  Position opened until filled. For more information, call Katie Christensen (641) 782-8431. E.O. E.

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